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Project Updates Oct 2013

Upcoming Projects

  • remove the drop ceilings and restore the original light fixtures.
  • sheet rock the upper 12″ of the room to repair the wall above the drop ceiling
  • repair a few original ceiling tiles that were damaged by an old leak
  • paint the original ceiling.
  • remove the outdoor wood stairs and replace them with concrete stairs to resemble the original exterior staircase
  • cap the chimney to keep the bats from roosting in the old chimney( – it is no longer used for the furnace)

Ongoing projects

Exterior painting – we are almost complete – about 1 good day’s worth of painting will wrap up the 2nd coat. Thank you to Harold Christensen for the use of his scaffold – without it – this project would be extremely difficult. Thank you Terry & Geraldine Potter for underwriting all the paint expense. Thank you Lois Scott & MJ Wagenson for supplying all the painting supplies.

Completed Projects

  • Bell Tower Repaired & Bell Cleaned – Thank you to Dan Dicklich for his time and talents in repairing the bell tower ceiling, cleaning all the bird poop off the bell, oiling the bell, putting a new rope on the bell, repairing the trim on and painting the tower.
  • Broken window repaired – Thank you to Terry & Geraldine Potter for transporting the window to Mauston for repair & for underwriting the glass replacement expense.
  • Broken pipe in restroom – Thank you Carl Lovegreen & MJ Wagenson for repairing the leak. MJ Wagenson underwrote the expense.
  • Basement – Installation of a dehumidifier has kept the basement dry and has eliminated the musty smell. thank you Lois Scott for donating the dehumidifier.
  • Chimney Tuck Pointed – Thank You Terry & Geraldine Potter for securing a craftsman and underwriting the materials. The Friends of Lone Rock School paid for the labor.
  • Furnace Repair – Thank you Marion Christensen for securing the labor and for underwriting this expense. Without a furnace, the Christmas program would be a chilly endeavor.

Below are before and after photos of the chimney tuck pointing and belfry repairs.