Lone Rock School Teachers 1886-1962
The Story of Lone Rock
History of Juneau County 4-H

History of Lone Rock Schoolhouse
Date Event
March 1871 Lone Rock School District organized
April 1871 Began first 5-month term, First teacher Georgia Hubble, 24 children enrolled
September 1871 Voted to hold 6 months of school, 3 months beginning November 15, 1871 and 3 months beginning April 1872
November 1871 Finished the school building, boarded the ceiling, laidmatched floor and a threshold for the door, installed casing on the windows on the inside
September 1872 Voted to have a 4-month winter term and a 2-month summer term. Hired male teacher for the winter term anda female for the summer term
January 1874 $7.00 paid for painting the schoolhouse
September 1874 Paid $6.11 for putting edging in the cracks, to point the outside and rail the edging. $21.89 to put logs around the house
1876 $10 raised to start a school library
1879 laid new floor for $4.50
1883 Bought chair for tde teacher, a bell and a handle and catch for tde door
1891 Log building torn down. New building started, 20’ X 34’. the old schoolhouse, seats and stove were auctioned off.
1907 Heating system added and a room added to the building
1909 Changed to a State Graded school. the first teachers were Inez Skeede and Miss Jennings.
1914 Began teaching of Agriculture, Manual Training and Cooking & Sewing.
1915 Belfrey built
1919 Schoolhouse raised and a full basement was put in with a furnace.
1923 Added concrete curb for protection of window sills
1924 Number one hard maple floors put in
1947 Insulation added